About Us

We are an international team, some in the US some in Europe so EVERYTHING we do is based upon connecting across the internet and distributed team project management.  We rely heavily on the Microsoft Stack from Office365 tools, Azure, Sharepoint, Teams to Open Source things like Subversion and Git.  Of course E Mail, RDP sessions etc.

One of our policies is members of our team can work from anywhere in the world they want to as long as our customers projects are not affected. I personally often work from the Rocky Mountains.  Team members have worked from the Austrian Alps, London, Spain, Italy…

We like to work on software solutions to business problems, its what we do, we also have have a heavy belief in balance of life type working conditions, in other words we are geared for the long haul of being part of your sustainment strategies of your code that differentiates your business from your competitors.

Our Story

Ix.sys, Inc. was started in Jan of 1994 by Ron (Me) and Leisha Darling.  Through the years we did what we could to stay self employed within the scope of IT support, finally deciding in 1998 to only support software development.  We have a looong history.

Meet the Team

We want you to know who you are doing business with.



Ron and Leisha Darling

Founders, 24 years of being a married couple team running an IT company.




Doug is our other American.  Doug and I have worked around each other since Sept 11th,
2001 and with each other gosh, 5 years ?   He primarily manages our biggest account.
That is project management, documentation, testing, navigating specs with the customer.
An expert in medical claims billing.



Resident very smart older guy (Along with me (Old Part))





Resident fun young guy and guru of discovering how to do complicated things in code.




Horia is our newest addition.  Manages several projects other than our main one..  Horia is very very good !!!